The Uninsured Health Plan was designed to support women and men without health insurance who need access to quality and affordable health care.  This plan is designed as a membership of sorts with a low monthly premium ($75 per person per month) that provides the following: 
  • Personalized Healthcare 
  • One free preventive visit (annual exam) per year with basic labs
  • Self pay discount for additional labs/testing
  • $30 copay for any additional visits
To enroll in this Uninsured Health Plan, please follow the link below and submit your basic demographic information.  Prior to submission, you will be able to download the Uninsured Health Plan Membership Agreement.  Once this is completed and submitted to Necolle@AthenaHealthandWellness.com, you will receive a payment invoice.  As soon as your invoice is paid, your plan will be deemed active and you can schedule appointments as needed.  
Click HERE to sign up- https://forms.gle/fKneHCdteARVcotE6
Have questions? Call us!  502-425-7659


To schedule an appointment, please call us at: 502-425-7659 If you prefer, you can use the link below to contact us online.